The price was okay for a new sectional, it came in approximately five weeks after the order, we finessed free delivery, and the thing is now looking great in my living room.

I, on the other hand, am trying to stay away from the house, because the couch smells gross and I don't particularly want to be killed by its fumes, whatever they may be. It's winter time, so I can't just open the windows, and where do you put an enormous couch when it's snowing outside? The fabric is all sewn on, so there's no way to take it off and wash it.

I'm new at this -- next time I'll buy used.

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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada #1279041

The smell you are smelling is referred to as "off gasing'.

Like buying a new car with it's "new car scent'

The smell will diminish within time, opening a window to allow it to breath will help to dissipate the scent a lot quicker.

Hope this helps.

Thornhill, Ontario, Canada #1258316

We bought a sofa from EQ3 in July 2016 ... the sofa still smells and i can't stand to sit on it for too long ... wish i could just give it back!

London, Ontario, Canada #854077

My Sofa was delivered today - 2 months late. I love the design - it's the right colour but OMG it STINKS.

My whole apartment smells WITH the patio door open.

Giving me a headache!

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada #792647

Just got ours, and it stinks too and it is also winter. I feel like I'm getting dizzy and resorted to sitting in the dining room. So sad.

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