I purchased a sofa from eq3 in july 2007. The fabric should have been for a curtain not a sofa...it stretched out, frayed, balled, and fell apart after just a few short months...it took me a year to have the couch replaced with a supposedly sturdier and upholstery grade (wouldn't you use upholstery grade in the first place to upholster a sofa)...needless to say I chose leather and paid the difference.

About six months later...the leather stretched out so bad and the color is peeling off in pressure points... i don't even have kids or an active household...what a bunch of ***.

I took eight calls to customer service to get someone to come out and look at it and take pictures...i took my own and sent it to them but they didn't respond. Now seven months later I still have no response from them. Every time I call they tell me they have to contact the guy who looked at it and then they don't call me back.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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well I wish I had looked at this web site before buying an eq3 replay couch. I love the look of the couch but the one long zipper at the back of the fixed cushion is broken and won't zip closed so my couch is useless as the cover slides off the sitting area.

They don't seem to want to address the issue of the zipper and tell me that the zipper is there so that you can un-zip the cover readjust the foam and zip it up again but it's impossible to do because the cushion is fixed in place and you can't get at it.

So I'm disappointed because I was happy to support a Canadian product and felt that I would get good service but I guess not on this issue and judging from the other letters neither have other customers. I can't recommend EQ3 to anyone.


My husband and I own the Morten sectional in our family room, the Hugo sofa and two chairs in our Great Room and the Replay sofa in our basement and have no complaints. Two sofas are in a fabric and one is microfiber material.

All the pieces look great even with a child and the replay is widely used as it the first piece of furniture upon entering the house from the pool. No complaints from us but I would try contacting a regional manager without the use of profanity.

to DZign2aT #1267335

@ DZign2aT

I'm planning to purchase the Morten sectional and would greatly appreciate if you could tell me how it has worn over the years. Are the fabric and cushions durable? Thanks.


The letter that I wrote to Ashley Snikeris after almost 4 months of dealing with EQ3 *** between the service rep, the president and the upholsterer which began when the owner of the London store decided to ignore all of us.

Entitled *** *** Fuckheads:

I don't normally swear Ashley (and darling Jim Hunt who never seems to heed or give a *** about any of this atrocious customer service) but it seems to be the best way to get someone's attention.

I contacted Blair at Fibrenew last week expecting that he would be familiar with my predicament. When I spoke with him he didn't seem to know about my sofa or who I was, he told me that he hadn't heard from you, Rawle Blackman or EQ3 regarding approval to fix the sofa. I asked him to contact you before I brought it to London to verify that EQ3 will be paying him for the repairs. Surprise, surprise, I still haven't heard back from him a week and a half later.

Please contact him and find out when he can repair this *** sofa before I *** throw it out along with any other *** I have ever bought from EQ3.

It will be a *** merry christmas if this gets resolved before then, otherwise I will expect the same *** that I have dealt with in the last 4 months. Better yet, why don't you just send me $600 to replace this piece of *** sofa that will never be repaired.

Thank you kindly, Catherine Cassidy


The president of EQ3 is Peter Tielmann. His email address is ptielmann@eq3.com and his phone number is 204-988-3225. I would call him and see what he has to say if I were you.


I have an entire bedroom set from them. I bought it 4 years ago.

It still looks like I bought it yesterday.

No problems at all. I love it.

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