Bought the EQ3 Rebry Couch at the Toronto location along with the matching foot stool, took 3 MONTHS to deliver...after the 8th week we called and got the runaround from the manager and warehouse people, everyone said it wasn't they're problem. To make matters worse, after receiving the couch it began to fall apart, the buttons which the Rebry couch has many of began falling apart and popping out, see photo - three parts to a button? Leather peeling of the medal tab? Stitching tearing at the leather. Are you serious? They blamed us for overusing the couch, as if we had dogs etc. chewing at it. We've barely used this couch, insulting, I weigh under 150lbs?

Ridiculously bad service and product quality, everything about this product is crappy. Watching the other buttons come apart as I write this.

We don't have tons of money and this was a big purchase for us.


Monetary Loss: $3000.

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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada #1279048

This comment is from 2013 however I just wanted to point out to you and others that the EQ3 Reverie sofa had a button flaw when they originally released the design (buttons were coming off) EQ3 has completely rectified this issue by having brand new buttons manufactured to correct the issue.

EQ3 was replacing all the buttons on their older model Reverie sofa's however they might not be aware of your issue as some people never expeirence it with their sofas so contacting the company to make them aware of the issue you are having may recify this problem.

On a side note, tinier people leave bigger imprints as there is less surface area being evenly distributed under neath of them when sitting on something like foam that cause the deformities in the couch cushions.

A tip to reduce this is to try to not sit in the same spot over and over again.

Hope this helps

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada #817848

Same experience with me. I also have a couch with buttons from EQ3, owned less than a year.

Since I purchased it, half the buttons have fallen off, loose threads everywhere, sagging fabric. I was sick to see that my friend, who got his couch from Gus Modern at the same time and actually paid less than I did, still has his in perfect condition. I wish I'd done more research.

EQ3 really isn't a quality company. Buyer beware.

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