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We liked the whole "custom furniture" idea and picking the fabrics was fun. We spent over 10,000 dollars in furniture and the lady at the store said:4 to 6 weeks. When we call after 4 weeks, their people at customer service where like: 4 weeks? no way, read your invoice, at least 12 weeks and they basiquely asked us to not call before that period of time! It´s been 16 weeks and not less than 10 phone calls with horrible service and still not credible information about when our furniture is coming.

2 weeks ago, after hearing my husband pretty upset, they sent some couches as a "loan" but it is still far from being what we ordered.

I stopped by the store where I bought the couches, and their manager said: THERE IS NOTHING HE COULD DO, and that I am supposed to deal with the people at customer service... Why don´t you tell your customers that when they are trusting you to place an order!, the truth is: AFTER YOU PAY IN ADVANCE, AND THEY GET YOUR MONEY, THEY JUST DON´T CARE. ALL THE PHONE CALLS WE HAVE MADE, AND YET, THEY SAY THEY WILL CALL, TO GIVE US A CERTAIN DATE, AND THEY JUST DON´T DO IT, SO I WOULD STRONGLY RECOMMEND NOT TU BUY FROM THEM, THEY ARE LYERS, AND THEY DON´T HAVE THE MINIMUN IDEA OF WHAT CUSTOMER SERVICE MEANS.

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada #685278

Yes, this is the exact same service I had from them at the King St, Toronto store. It seems to be a company wide phenomenon.

They have awful customer service and take no responsibility. They even told me how no one else complained despite waiting 4-5 months like me.

It was the old "you are the only one who complains" manipulator tactic. :sigh


The letter that I wrote to Ashley Snikeris after almost 4 months of dealing with EQ3 *** between the service rep, the president and the upholsterer which began when the owner of the London store decided to ignore all of us.

Entitled *** *** Fuckheads:

I don't normally swear Ashley (and darling Jim Hunt who never seems to heed or give a *** about any of this atrocious customer service) but it seems to be the best way to get someone's attention.

I contacted Blair at Fibrenew last week expecting that he would be familiar with my predicament. When I spoke with him he didn't seem to know about my sofa or who I was, he told me that he hadn't heard from you, Rawle Blackman or EQ3 regarding approval to fix the sofa. I asked him to contact you before I brought it to London to verify that EQ3 will be paying him for the repairs. Surprise, surprise, I still haven't heard back from him a week and a half later.

Please contact him and find out when he can repair this *** sofa before I *** throw it out along with any other *** I have ever bought from EQ3.

It will be a *** merry christmas if this gets resolved before then, otherwise I will expect the same *** that I have dealt with in the last 4 months. Better yet, why don't you just send me $600 to replace this piece of *** sofa that will never be repaired.

Thank you kindly, Catherine Cassidy

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