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We bought a bed from EQ3 and they refused to give us a window of when the delivery would be done. So we had to take a day off from work to wait for the delivery.

Towards the end of the day, the bed still had not arrived, so I called to follow up on the status, then they told us the delivery could not be done on that day. We just wasted a full day on nothing. We had to reschedule the delivery date, and again, there was no window. At 8:30am, we received a phone call from the delivery guys and said they would be here in the next half hour.

At 10am, we received another call from them claiming that they would arrive in the next hour. At 2pm, still no show, I called to again follow up on the status, and was told that they would be here by the end of day before 5pm. Finally, they arrived and some parts of the bed were missing. The slates and storage mechanism were missing.

Again, we had to schedule a THIRD appointment for to have the missing parts delivered. At that point, I was already SUPER pissed and requested that they just take back the bed and refund us, of course, they refused. We scheduled a THIRD appointment, and guess what?! We AGAIN waited ALL DAY, and NO SHOW.

I am utterly pissed and disturbed by their competence and customer service. What I am writing here cannot even do my frustration justice!

I spent THREE FULL days at home waiting to get a bed and up to this date, it is STILL NOT done. PLEASE do NOT buy from EQ3 unless you are prepared to pay quite a bit of $$$ to buy TONS of hassles!

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The letter that I wrote to Ashley Snikeris after almost 4 months of dealing with EQ3 *** between the service rep, the president and the upholsterer which began when the owner of the London store decided to ignore all of us.

Entitled *** *** Fuckheads:

I don't normally swear Ashley (and darling Jim Hunt who never seems to heed or give a *** about any of this atrocious customer service) but it seems to be the best way to get someone's attention.

I contacted Blair at Fibrenew last week expecting that he would be familiar with my predicament. When I spoke with him he didn't seem to know about my sofa or who I was, he told me that he hadn't heard from you, Rawle Blackman or EQ3 regarding approval to fix the sofa. I asked him to contact you before I brought it to London to verify that EQ3 will be paying him for the repairs. Surprise, surprise, I still haven't heard back from him a week and a half later.

Please contact him and find out when he can repair this *** sofa before I *** throw it out along with any other *** I have ever bought from EQ3.

It will be a *** merry christmas if this gets resolved before then, otherwise I will expect the same *** that I have dealt with in the last 4 months. Better yet, why don't you just send me $600 to replace this piece of *** sofa that will never be repaired.

Thank you kindly, Catherine Cassidy

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