We bought a $4,000 custom leather couch two years ago and its already starting to fall apart. We were upsold a $300 cleaning kit that supposedly "warranteed" the product against any defect for 5 years. Well, we needed to call in on it, but then we found the company holding the warranty went out of business and the new business contracted by EQ3 does not handle cracking, separating and tearing of the leather. EQ3 is refusing to assume responsibility for their poor craftsmanship and fix the problem.

We've had problems with them since day 1. We were told that our product would be delivered in 6-8 weeks. By 8 weeks, we started calling for status on our delivery and could never get a hold of a person and / or if we did speak with someone, they were always passing the buck. Our couch finally got delivered at about 3 ½ months later after persistent follow up via phone and face to face. Upon delivery, our couch had scratches in the leather, the leather was not pulled tight over the padding and the bolsters were not even. Within 2 months, the leather was sagging as if the couch was 10 years old. My husband started to call the store and got lots and lots of run around and we got tired of trying to speak to someone about it and gave up. By 11 months, the couch was so bad it was embarrassing to even have people over. We again tried calling and finally got through to the store manager. About the same time one of our white wood dining chairs we purchased also cracked in half when my husband went to sit on it - that was the straw that broke the camels back! We immediately went in store in person to show the broken chair and found out there was a "recall" on the product for design flaw (they couldn't deny us at this point- parts to replace the defect were ordered and took 2-3 months to come in). We then readdressed the couch issue. After much haggling with the manager, we were told that their product was meant to only last 3-5 years (we would not have invested the $4000 had we known this). We further found out that the construction on the couch is not up to furniture design standards - ie they don't stretch fabric over the padding, just put leather straight over it thus causing the sagging/ give. EQ3 offered us a replacement couch – at their cost only (meaning we would be stuck with the defected couch plus another $1000 in the hole for a new one) or send someone over to look at for a possible fix. At the time were in the middle of a cross country move so we could not do this either. We were then offered a $500 in store credit for our pain and suffering. Alas, we couldn't get the couch fixed due to our move and we took them up on their offer and brought home a rug and a light. Well, the rug is good and holding up but the light was broken straight out of the box!

Fast forward another year and now we have mega sagging and mega cracking and peeling and fading of the leather. Thats' when we were trying to use our 5 year leather warranty and found out about the company going out of business and EQ3 changing their policies. We were also told by EQ3's customer service that they would not honor their warranty as we used the couch negligently and that WE caused the further deterioration and decay of the leather product, as we continued to use the couch post filing of our April 2009 complaint. This is absolutely upsetting as we are now being blamed for the failure of their product – for using a couch as it is intended!!!! We have a very young son and are not active folks, so the couch certainly is not being beat up and we sure as heck aren't willingly neglecting it! Shame on EQ3 for not standing by their product and ripping us off $4000 when we could've gone to IKEA and spent $400 for a better constructed couch!! Please avoid the same pitfall and don't buy any of their custom upholstered products!!!!

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada #685284

If it is cracking and peeling then I think they sold you vinyl, otherwise touted as "bonded leather". This is such cheap junk it should only be sold with a warning label and for it's real value (about $5)


I really suggest you send your complaint to BBB and to Consumer Affairs. I am having the same problems with EQ3.


The president of EQ3 is Peter Tielmann. His email address is ptielmann@eq3.com and his phone number is 204-988-3225. I would call him and see what he has to say if I were you.

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